Want to play tennis at home? Basketball outside the office? The proven expertise of Varsity Courts Inc. provides our residential and commercial clients with innovative solutions. Our services are endless and bound to help every client’s unique needs.
We have constructed and surfaced outdoor athletic courts and game areas for a wide range of facilities, including country clubs, private homes, schools, universities, condominiums and many leading tennis facilities. As a licensed and insured contractor, we are proud of the results that we can give you. Your new piece of property will withstand the elements and maintain a quality appearance throughout its numerous uses.
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Our Services

Varsity Courts Inc. specializes in all types of courts using quality brand Latex-ite

(manufactured by Dalton Enterprises)

for coating . We construct, resurface and repair all the following courts and surfaces:

Tennis Basketball Outdoor Running Pickleball
Baseball Softball Dugouts Tennis Court Design and Construction
Outdoor Basketball Courts Tennis Court Maintenance Reconstruction Resurfacing
Fencing and Court Accessories Grading Paving Fencing
Surfacing Lighting Athletic Equipment Sales Hockey Rinks
Running Tracks Pickleball Courts

Sports Construction

Our professional staff will guide the customer through the process of building or updating their new or existing courts. Whether it is lighting, fencing or resurfacing, Varsity Courts Inc. will help you customize the project according to your needs and budget. We are your complete sports contractor, performing every aspect of facility construction, from sub-base preparation right through to surfacing, striping and maintenance.


We also provide court resurfacing, which is the application of resin over an asphalt or concrete court. This results in an all-weather surface for year-round play. There are several options for your newly surfaced court, ranging from fast- to slow-paced surfaces and the low-impact, cushioned surface. The 100-percent acrylic coating will ensure long-term protection from the elements and maximum resistance to the sun’s damaging ultraviolet degradation.


For the customers with a budget in mind, Varsity Courts Inc. provides top-quality repairs. These include crack repairs, fiberglass installation, patching, puddle leveling and fence repairs. These repairs will improve the overall look and performance of the game area’s surface, while increasing the life of the court.
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Frequently Asked Questions


How often do you need to resurface a tennis or basketball court?

You should resurface a tennis court once every four to eight years. However, a court that’s more frequently visited should be resurfaced closer to every four years. Asphalt or concrete basketball courts need to be resurfaced every four to five years.

How can I prevent my court from cracking?

No matter how well built it is, cracks will appear in your court. As pavement ages, it becomes brittle. Vehicle pressure allows asphalt to stay pliable and delays crack formation, but asphalt courts lack this. When you notice a crack, you should try patching it as best as possible. This way, you can prevent water from entering cracks and decrease the chance of surface damage.


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